Saturday, May 24, 2014

One More Show!

I have done a lot of shows, displayed my wares and created art pieces for particular venues for well over three decades.  I retired from Home Shows years ago when I officially "retired" but still, on occasion, find myself in the middle of another artist show.   This weekend I am at "Wolf Shadow Artisan Sale" in the nearby town of Cheshire.  It will be an interesting show, near a vineyard with open
tasting the same weekend.  I am thinking Horse People and Wine people might like my pieces so I allowed myself to be talked into this particular show.  "Talked into" because I no longer seek shows out.  They are a humungous amount of work.  I have no inventory, boxes of this or that or stacks of art  in the backroom.  I make "Big Art" and heavy pieces and need some time to create them.  I refuse to fill out the paper work for these shows and explain that I can't send them photos of what I will bring because I haven't made them yet!  I create "for a show" and it takes me about a month.  I can't operate in the typical 10' x 10' space.  I have no canopy bought are Walmart.  People need to walk around and touch what I make.  I like to gather crowds.  So I found a helper and have 2 truckloads of Garden Art pieces on display.  Today I will take photos and show them to you tomorrow.
    For the last few years I have always thought that "this" would be my last show and yet I keep doing them!  It is in the blood I think, being "on stage", one more opportunity to sell my wares, to sell myself!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mayday...May Day!

Wow, May 1st already and it is a nice warm, almost 90 degree Spring Day!  This is a teaser though, we still have cold nights but I think the freezing has past.  Soon it will be time for Tomatoes!
I found a Tomato Blog and if I were smart I could post a link of it for you!  Don't be expecting this at the end!
It is a shared blog meaning anyone and everyone can post on it as long as the topic is tomatoes or gardens.
It is a terrific diplomatic breakthrough in shared cultural diversity and runs the gauntlet from apartment dwellers who may have a single potted plant to small farmers with acreage, from hardcore organic (me, I confess) to miracle grow fanatics and pesticide purveyors. and, from all over the world!  Even "Russian Babes" and every political belief, from "free societies" and police states.  The World Loves Tomatoes!
   What a concept!  Transcending politics! and sharing gardening ideas.  No secrets or withheld emotions and ulterior motives, just a shared love of tomatoes and simple descriptions on how a particular person grows them.  Of course, we are all after the highest yield and biggest bestest tomato! and will happily share our successes and even our failures.
   There has got to be other topics the world can agree on!