Saturday, February 15, 2014

I am working!

I do not post as often as I use to.  It is interesting.  When I had cancer, almost five years ago now, you feel as if time is running out, the clock going faster and faster.  There were stories I wanted to tell, episodes in my life, what happened and my reaction to this and that.  If you go through the cancer experience even getting up in the morning is a pretty serious achievement.  I told those stories and I got well, chased that cancer away and now my life is not unlike anyone else's.  Day to day is pretty much the same thing adjusted for the seasons.
I am working now and I should be shouting with joy!  And I am. Oh I could post pictures and tell you the process but I have done that so many times before.  I have showed you my website and you will find what I do there.  a few short years ago I couldn't lift 20 pounds and now I am Superman!  This is my immortality.  I built structures and gates and metal creations that will far outlast me!
It is snowing all across the Nation, all 50 States, I hear!
So many of those metal framed canvas structures from China
are collapsing. It is nice to know I I build strong creations!

I cleaned out my greenhouse early this year and started from
seed all the "cold crops": Spinach, lettuce, kale, broccoli,
cabbage and others.  They are doing well. And Valentine's
Day is time to start my tomato seeds so they are started and
under a light.  I have posted lots about my tomatoes and the
greenhouse so as far as blogging, been there, done that!
But I am happy with my tomatoes and always have the goal of
the best ever!
All is great.
One of my Standing Creations under 18" of Snow!