Friday, July 7, 2017

I did it!

the big gates, out of my backyard to the front of my house!  This morning a big truck arrived and these were loaded, on their way to be sand blasted and painted.  These re the Biggest Gates I have ever done.  Eight and one half feet tall and, together a 22' span! It took four people to move one section, thank goodness for friends!  I will get the final installed photo within a couple weeks!

Friday, June 30, 2017

I Like a Challenge!

Do you ever wonder how the huge statues on Easter Island were moved?  I have been think a lot about that lately.  I have almost finish a pretty big Entry Gate, 21' long and almost 9 feet tall. Luckily, it will be a double gate.  Although originally built as one, it will be cut into two sometime this morning.  It is on a two inch frame and each side will still be heavy.  Soon it will have to be moved from my backyard shop to the front of the house and loaded onto a truck.  Maybe 5 guys?

I won't be able to get a good picture until it gets installed, but I will keep you posted.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

I have forgotten most jobs

I started playing with Ornamental Iron when I was 43 years old and had never seen a welder. I am totally self taught, no classes or lessons but I have read a lot of books.  I know the Romans tested and tempered their swords with the blood of willing slaves.  It is hard to find good help these days.
By now I am 70 years old  and although a bit slower, still get around and can carry half my weight in steel.  That is the process of getting fatter and weaker, balance in nature.  I can't count the jobs I have done.  When I am doing a job, at the time it is the most important thing in the world to me.  I work the job 24 hours a day until it is finished.  I sleep with it, dream about it and do the very best that I can.  And, once finished, pretty much forget about it.  I sometimes run into past clients who have, years later, thanked me and praised my work and I am embarrassed to admit I have no memory of the project.

This last job, almost at the finish line might just be the exception to this process of forgetting!  First, it was a Big Job.  Not the biggest I have ever done, but the Biggest while 70 years old!  I will show it to you!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Oregon Rain

Wettest Spring in my memory, 160% of "normal rainfall", my garden is too wet to til.
The greenhouse is full and plants are cozy warm in there.  I think the earliest I have ever had my
garden in was about April 15th and the latest would be about May 10th.  It has a lot of drying out to do.  I have been busy though for a retired guy!