Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Keystone Cafe

I have a photo for you, at the Keystone Cafe on Lawrence at 5th in Eugene, on-going exhibition until January 20th. A chance to have breakfast and see what I do!

These are 3 but there are 13 there, have to go there to see them all. jerry

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It is Hung!

OK, my art is now findable! Keystone Cafe on 5th and Lawrence in Eugene has 13 of my pieces on their walls! All metal art, stainless steel and copper. Great place for breakfast and Lunch and now different type of art on their walls. You all know it is poor taste to review your own art, so please do it for me? thanks, much, Jerry Carlin.

Here is another link for you: this will lead you to even more! Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

OK, so this is what I am doing now. This is a

framed stainless steel panel, 18" x 12" with an etching of a piano on it and colored with a torch. It is powder-coated clear coat to protect it and is number one in a series on musical instruments.

I also am making copper framings featuring varying themes. I'll show you some of those next time, but they are all on my website: so go find it!

Hanging Art

OK, so here is my idea for Eugene AND Springfield: Hang Art, lots of it and everywhere.
I am tired of seeing the same old photos and posters on the walls of McDonald's and there
are bare walls everywhere that need adornment! I am so impressed with the little cafes
in our community that display art for a month or two on a rotating basis, why can't every business do it? Every cafe and restraunt, every insurance office, every barbershop, every
tire changing shop and clothing store. Lots of empty wall space and lots of artists hunting for a place to display their work. It would be good for business (they would get their cut) good for artists (a place to display their work) and good for customers (they would have something to see). Eugene and Springfield could become famous for it: art everywhere! Instead of cheapening art and making it common it would make it viewable and desireable. How fun.
Mine is in my shop and on the internet:
Just an idea, Jerry Carlin