Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Brick Room!

Picked Today! from 40 year old Organic Garden~
My house is pretty Big and I have been on a remodeling frenzy!  Six Bedrooms and four full bathrooms!  Pretty nuts but I have decided that this will be a key element to my retirement!
I like the Brick floor!
Serious working shop
My house is too big and my property too large and it is time to share what I have created.  It is a "makers" paradise with lots to see and do, and separate work spaces, gallery areas, unfinished spaces and, of course, my shop.

ten foot tall ceilings!  6' x 7' storage loft 

Area outside door to Brick Room and small porch leading to main house.
Bridge leding to garden, greenhouse, plunge pool shop and gallery space
I call my latest creation the "Brick Room" because of the brick floor.  It is a great space with its own entrance, a little bar sink, mini fridge and loft storage.  It is connected to an unfinished area, about 10' x 15' and ideally I would find a renter who would value and require this space.
Door to the "Brick Room"

Copper back wall, bar sink, mini fridge and small closet
this door leads to unfinished 10' x 15' area

Door to outside and door to living room of main house