Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hanging Art

OK, so here is my idea for Eugene AND Springfield: Hang Art, lots of it and everywhere.
I am tired of seeing the same old photos and posters on the walls of McDonald's and there
are bare walls everywhere that need adornment! I am so impressed with the little cafes
in our community that display art for a month or two on a rotating basis, why can't every business do it? Every cafe and restraunt, every insurance office, every barbershop, every
tire changing shop and clothing store. Lots of empty wall space and lots of artists hunting for a place to display their work. It would be good for business (they would get their cut) good for artists (a place to display their work) and good for customers (they would have something to see). Eugene and Springfield could become famous for it: art everywhere! Instead of cheapening art and making it common it would make it viewable and desireable. How fun.
Mine is in my shop and on the internet:
Just an idea, Jerry Carlin


Edwin said...

I like the idea of having art everywhere for the common person to see without having to spend to see it. What a great idea. Art that inspired someone could be bought, but one could see a lot of art to choose from without spending, or having aa sales person pestering, Edwin

Edwin said...

Groovy piano. Your art hanging in a downtown eatery is great;. Good ambiance. Good for you for making it happen, Edwin