Thursday, September 13, 2012

Attacking Our Embassies

Wow,  it is good that I am not President!  My tolerance level would be just about zero.  I am wondering if Muslims ever laugh?  Pretty sensitive bunch to get riled up over a b- third rate satirical film.  Thirteen minutes of it is available on YouTube and really, it will put a normal person to sleep.
   We have different cultures, that is for sure.  We might have more in common if we found life on Mars.  We laugh in a sometimes cautious way about the Christian Religion, show slightly disrespectful Broadway Plays on the Mormon Religion.  We even have Jesus Christ, Super Star!  If we put a quarter in a jar every time we cussed we would have our retirement paid for right there!
   We are in debt for fighting for their freedom.  We supported them in getting rid of their dictators.
They are killing us every day in gratitude. It is a culture that kills their daughters and straps suicide bombs on its children.  It is a culture that respects power and brutality and sees our kind of freedom as a weakness.  I think Sadam had it right:  rule with an iron fist, terror is what they understand.
   It is good that I am not President.  I would not give a nickle for their oil or their freedom.


Barbra Joan said...

Yes, they laugh alright , they laugh at us for being generous, considerate, giving etc.
I've never forgotten or forgiven after seeing 9/11 . I remember who stood with us and who was dancing in the streets.. and to anyone who thinks that's a bad thing well tough, I'm not a good Christian I suppose.
We need some strength , yes what's with this Prez.?
He doesn't get it. He really does get it ,he may not be wrong but, doesn't he understand that these people hate us? and are not about to change,? Their is nothing more dangerous than religious fanatics, of any kind.
Giving them money, diplomatic talks? They only understand power, being ruled by a tyrant..
Obama turns his back on the Israeli Prime Minister, but kisses the ass of these savages.. does this make sense to anyone? Hell no, not to me . I think getting beheaded or stoned could hurt.
Women are bitchin' here about their reprocuctive rights.? Give me a break, they don't know they have all the rights.
No one is taking anything away from them.. unless you think an abortion of an almost full term baby is fine.I DON'T , My mother had a health issue ( heart) when pregnant to me and could have had a legal abortion and that would have been fine. Her life was at risk.
This whole thing reminds me of Reagan and the peanut farmer...
The 'other guy' may not be a Reagan , and not the answer to it all , but he sure can't do any worse.. ok Jerry , I 'll go stand in the corner now. BJ

stonepost said...

Don't stand in the corner, Barbra, you are doing fine on the dance floor!
I am thankful that Obama has kept us out of war but sometimes wonder at what price? Best thing to do might be to just get out of there and be willing to pay more for oil. It is like the Mayan's and their blood sacrifices, at least one dead American per day, added to the cost of a barrel of oil. Seems like a high price.

Barbra Joan said...

I too am thankful for no war, enough is enough. And this is the thanks we get , a spit in the eye.
No, no wars, let them all behead and stone each other.
Why should we be sacrificing our young people for their misiries, that's the only way they've lived for thousands of years... they don't want democracy, they don't want to be in civilized.
They hold that oil over us and thats' where we have to concentrate our efforts.. Not that we'll see it in our lifetime, but hopefully one day.
It IS too high a price, we should be putting everything we have, money , sweat and tears into our own country.. and let them be damned.! They can join the human race when they learn how to laugh .

CrimsonLeaves said...

Yeesh...I don't know what to say to all of this. My daughter's boyfriend is a private contractor in Afghanistan whose job it is to protect those in the compound. I hate that he's there.

I agree with BJ that they should kill each other off, but the thing is what they could ultimately do to us if left to their own devices. I believe GWB stood behind the courage of his convictions and was right to do what he did.