Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You know I'm going to talk about it!

I watched our Presidents inauguration yesterday, all of it, all the pomp and glory, each float along
Pennsylvania  Avenue and every speech.   It only happens once every four years and is our statement to the world that we can move forward without a coup, without a revolution, without mob rule, in an orderly and democratic process.  I am proud (and lucky) to live in such a country.  In the days leading up to this event we had been told that second inaugural speeches were a disappointment and I wasn't disappointed at all. I thought it was a great speech.  I did flip back and forth between CNN and FOX news to see what the differing opinion might be. I am amazed at how quickly it got classified as a
"Liberal Agenda" and now I don't even know what that means?
   Obama's speech was inclusive, reaching out to every color, to every creed, every persuasion, each and all of us.  That is liberal?  It is only fair. He reached out to women, wanting equality of education, wages and importance.  That is liberal?  It is only fair.  A society will be judged by how it treats its elders and infirm, its children and the weakest among them.  He talked of preserving Social Security and Medicare, Public Education and a belief in the future and the responsibility that entails.  That is a liberal agenda?  What is the alternative?
   He talked briefly about "gun control" a hot bed issue for sure but he is not the first President to be against assault rifles and 100 round clips.  President Bush was also against these.  If there was ever an issue that should cross both sides of the isle this would be it.  Almost thirteen thousand Americans die each year from guns.  When will we talk about this?
   "We, The People"...I think he said this several times and I am hoping it will cause us to consider what it mean to be a "citizen."  Is it a verb or an adjective?  Is it a process or a birth right?  Is it active or passive? and what does it require of us?
   Congress is broken.  The Republicans spent the last four years attempting to make Obama a "one term President."  They couldn't even pass a farm bill or school lunch program because it might make Obama "look good"!  They lost miserably.  In shock and totally defeated they are now trying to reinvent themselves and I wish them success.  I believe in the two party system and I hope they return to their better days when they were less hateful and more optimistic, had a better, kinder belief in America.  They can't do this through retreat.  It was embarrassing that former President George Bush and even Mitt Romney was not there.  I think that was an inauguration "first" and it is a bad omen.
We can go forward together, each side contributing in this discussion and let every issue be on the table for full disclosure or it can be done with omission allowing groups, women, children, elderly, poor, infirm, Red, Brown, Black, Gay and others by the wayside.  We have all of these people in America and more.  Every Religion, every Race, every belief, we are truly a "melting pot" and that has always been our greatest strength.  If that is "Liberal" then I guess I am too.
   I look for Obama to take his cause on the road.  He will be touring the country to express his ideas
and gain more ideas and the way into the future with us, the Citizens.  We live in interesting times and we can be a part of it.  Or not.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I loved yesterday's innagural address. It was much more progressive than his first, and I felt very inspired. I loved that he brought up climate change. My favorite quote of yesterday's address was this one: "History tells us that while some truths are self-evident, they are not self executnig".

Optimistic Existentialist said...

*executing I mean. Darn typo ruined the quote lol

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Dionne said...

I completely missed it. Was looking forward to seeing it and missed the whole thing. Now I know why there's been so much talk about a liberal agenda. Since when did common sense ideas become strictly liberal ideas?