Saturday, February 16, 2013

We are not "First"

Except maybe in murders!  I just saw on the news that USA is number 25!!! in infrastructure: roads, bridges, communication and public transportation!  How in the heck does this happen? Where we are tied with what used to be Czechoslovakia!  Infrastructure creates immediate employment and future
investment from the Private Sector.  It is the single best place to spend money, every dollar spent on infrastructure doubles to two dollars in the economy, and, as we all know, wherever there is an intersection, there will be a Walmart!  In the '50's, '60's and '70's we used to spend 5% of GPA on Infrastructure and now that has been reduced to less than 2%.  Whose brilliant idea was this?
I swear it should be illegal to be a Congressman unless you have passed a basic economic course.
We need Russia to fly us to the Space Station, the Chinese make our Train engines, all of our electronics are imported and we are just allowing the country to fall apart!  Full Steam Ahead,
Backwards!  It is not amazing that we lost our AAA credit rating, with Congress not being able to solve a single issue we will soon lose our Double AA Credit rating!  Can't even pass a Violence Against Women Act!
   The Republicans were against raising the minimum wage to the current measly $7.25 an hour and will certainly object to raising it to $9. an hour.  They should get such wages!


Clipped Wings said...

It's sad, that as a country, we never seem to get it right anymore about what really works. Whatever happened to brains and common sense?

Barbra Joan said...

The one thing we agree on ...
I believe I wrote it right here on your blog. It's in the toilet and ready to be flushed.
This country is on a serious downturn...but everyone is asleep .
When they do wake up it will be too late.
How do I feel about it?
Very troubled, but nothing I can do anymore. I gave up all National news programs.
Why? because it's all wrong and cockeyed and I see no one fixing it. NO ONE...I'll take a chance and post this.

stonepost said...

Hey, Barbra, thanks for playing with me! No chance taken! and I agree about the News too! Way too left or way too right for me! Why is it so difficult to analyse the problem? I know there are various solutions and they are in disagreement but first we have to agree on the problems! Can't even do that! Crazy.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This is why I always look at someone askew when they claim that we're number 1...I always want to say "in what?"