Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Harvest Time

This is the time of year my garden turns into a jungle and produces more than we can eat.  I feel like a millionaire and the Powerball isn't until tonight!  Heirloom tomatoes, especially Cherokee Purple and Black Krim simply cannot be bought.  They have a shelf life from perfect ripeness to way too mushy of just three days.  No tomato has the flavor and texture and aroma that can replace the homegrown.
I am popular with the neighbors this time of yer and wen I have too many to give away I get the dryer out.  Today I sliced and diced and cut up about 25 pounds of tomatoes, what it takes to fill the dryer.


rama said...

Simply awesome Jerry. Enjoy your tomatoes, I wish I could join you there.

rama said...
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Clipped Wings said...

I'm going to try my hand at drying tomatoes this year, thanks to you. Also found out that ripe tomatoes can be put in a freezer bag and frozen if they are just going to be used for tomato sauce when thawed. Tomato soup would probably work with that also.