Friday, December 20, 2013

Honey Baked Ham?

I did all of my Christmas Shopping Online this year and the presents are arriving every day!
The "Honeybaked Ham" arrived 2 days ago and my daughters arrived yesterday!  We got into the ham last night and now I remember what the big deal is about "this ham"!  I started thinking about ham a month or so ago and read a lot of reviews on wikipedia  They were interesting and a $20 ham from Walmart got a close second in raves from reviewers.  Enough that I went out and bought one and yes, it was really good!  However, a "Honeybaked Ham" is just in a different category entirely.  These hams, if you anticipate buying one, will require an investment of $8 dollars a month for a year and are well worth the money.  These are not "cooking hams", not something you would want to cut up and add to a bean soup.  These are melt in your mouth perfect hams that are best accompanied with cheese and crackers or maybe later in the week, the perfect ham sandwich.  Once a year it is a nice treat and for a short time you can eat like a millionaire!  I will freeze some so this summer I will have it with my tomatoes!  Nothing could be better than that!
   The other packages are put in the pantry, unopened until Christmas day.  Mostly fancy marzipan candies and European Chocolates.  It will be decadent, eaten up and gone and then back to reality!
Today we will get a Christmas Tree, a local Douglas Fir.  I am looking forward to that, one of the smells I associate with this season.    Mostly all year long with just the two of us we do not do "fancy cooking" but now with my daughters home there will be plenty of cooking smells in the house and I always look forward to that.  On Christmas Eve my youngest daughter always makes Sausage Rolls.
You can't get those even if you were a millionaire!  They need to be homemade and hot, fresh out of the oven!  Rich!  Yes, I am!  Are you cooking for Christmas?  What is on the stove or in the oven?

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love me a good honey ham! Have a Merry Christmas Jerry!! :)