Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Steel and Stone

I like the combination of steel and stone, both strong elements that enhance each other when found together.  This is "the first bench".  No, not my first bench, the wonderful achievement of my apprentice.  Her (yes!) first furniture piece and I believe it will become a collectors item. A graceful, five foot long, sleek bench with a back and a seat of travertine.  Wouldn't you like to have the first Picasso?  That discarded Rembrandt?  Sydnee Hale will become a "name" in the art world of steel.
This is one of mine, a small two seater with a slate seating area.  It sold at a Portland Art show a couple years ago for $495.  Like all art, it is worth more now than when purchased.  I seldom make them any more.

These are my Stone Posts, my signature pieces and what
got me into iron work in the first place. They are
concrete, reinforced with steel and covered in slate,
used as fence posts, gate posts and light posts.
Another example of Steel and Stone, this is probably
the nicest Ornamental Iron fence that I have ever built.
 And another bench with slate.  Colorful, strong and graceful.  Not made in China and didn't come in a cardboard box.

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