Saturday, August 30, 2014

This is really what life is all about!

Chili Rellenos, tomatoes and peppers from my garden. What a feast!
 about to go under the knife!
 Tomato slabs ready for the dryer!
BLT with thick slabs of tomato from the garden (Cherokee Purple)
 Abundance of Tomatoes and I discovered Tomato Jam!


Rama Ananth said...

Wow! Jerry, I really love your garden fresh ripe tomatoes.
And what do I see in the first picture, it looks a lot like the Indian Bread?
What is it?

Jerry Carlin said...

Hi Rama, good to hear from you again! It is a Mexican "bread", a bit thicker than a burrito shell and used much the same way as the Indian bread to soak up the juices. Yes, I had a great garden this year!

A Modest Scribler said...

Just yum.

Barbra Joan said...

WowJC! Where's MY sandwich.
Do I have to come all the way back to Oregon for this?

Friko said...

You mean it’s all about tomatoes?
I didn’t know that.