Friday, June 19, 2015


Tomato Season, the main reason I garden.  I have saved seeds from the very best tomatoes for over 40 years effectively creating my own variety of tomatoes.  The darker the better for me, all the more flavor and juicy that I like so much.  My goal each year is to have a ripe tomato by the forth of July and this year I will beat that by 2 weeks!  Global warming anyone?  Yes, it is good for me (so far) but wrecking havoc in other parts of the world, from too much rain to no rain at all and we are getting water from the very bowels of this earth!  I wonder what that will do?
Interesting this new Pope and his scolding us like the wayward children we have become!  Unappreciative and dirtying our own home.  Yes, we are.  and you know there will be a price!
Nevertheless I am waiting with anticipation! Two, because I am a glutton.  Yes, I will eat two Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches! Oh how daring I am!


Domenico said...

Nice tomatoes,I have big ones but they are still green, I don't think they'll be ready by the fourth.

Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, Your garden looks better than ever... beautiful !. and oh how I wish I were there now and you could make me a BLT in your outdoor kitchen. ! I just love it . !