Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Marijuana Dispensaries

I love New Businesses!  It is the American entrepreneurial spirit, that "can do" attitude and taking advantage of opportunities.  For Oregon and a select few of other States, that is Marijuana!  There seem to be as many Marijuana Shops in my town s Starbucks!  and some give me work!
 They are very Security Conscious, wanting grills over the windows to prevent robbers and most have the often seen 4" on center bars, looking like a jail. This particular dispensary had some imagination and allowed me the freedom to clean out my shop with odds and ends!  Art to keep out the bad guys!
There is a Huge Walk is Safe with a huge safe door they wanted covered in my metal art,
so I made this!  
Marijuana is a money making business and the State is like the Mafia BOSS and they are reaping Millions!  They anticipated 4 million the first year and are over $20,000,000 so far! I might go into crime for that amount, certainly the /state did!
Oh, I am not complaining!  I got work from it too, and maybe even in my retirement years I have found a "Product"  These Metal Grids could be shipped all over!
Lucky me, there were five windows in this shop! and they have candy, candy, candy!

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Barbra Joan said...

Good to see you working Jerry, Creative , I must say.