Friday, April 28, 2017

Oregon Rain

Wettest Spring in my memory, 160% of "normal rainfall", my garden is too wet to til.
The greenhouse is full and plants are cozy warm in there.  I think the earliest I have ever had my
garden in was about April 15th and the latest would be about May 10th.  It has a lot of drying out to do.  I have been busy though for a retired guy!


Barbra Joan said...

Well DAMN! You are alive after all.. Geez! I was afraid to write you .
I'm glad your ok and working, still doing those gorgeous pieces in metal..

Clipped Wings said...

Opposite sides of the country and it is the same here. Never dries out enough between the thunder storms to plant much. Glad to see you are still doing well.

Rama Ananth said...

Wow! please send us also some rain, we are parched here.
Those iron pieces of art are so pretty!