Sunday, July 15, 2012

30 Times

Yes.30 times the House Republicans have voted to repeal Obama care and not once for the job creation bill.Voted against getting health insurance if you have preexisting conditions. Voted against adult children allowed onto their parents insurance until age 26.  Voted against reduced priced reduced prescriptions for Seniors. Voted against women. and kept their own Cadillac Insurance policies!!  Voted against cost reducing insurance for everyone and provided no alternative policy!
   So, here is my proposal:  If you vote against Obama care why not be consistent and vote against Medicare also?  There are too many people in the world, we all know that.  The sick, the frail, the weak and the poor are deficits to society.  They drag us down and contribute nothing.  Maybe Hitler had it right, round them up and get rid of them!  People struggling with minimum wage jobs, working hard and complaining?  Throw them on the wagon too!  What is the Republican plan?
   Frankly I am in favor of Obama care because I am a conservative!!!  It was an idea initially started by the Republicans and implemented by Romney himself in Massachusetts and contains the thought that if we all contributed then medical care would be less expensive.  Obama care will SAVE a trillion dollars over the next ten years.  There are government subsidies for those who cannot afford the cost.
   As it is now emergency rooms are used as the primary care for poor people.  This can cost thousand's per visit and we are paying for it now.  What is the Republican Plan to improve this situation?  Maybe all people who visit the emergency room who don't really need it should be shot?  I rather like that idea and it would create more jobs!
   50% of Americans don't even know about the Supreme Court decision on health care.  Probably 80% don't give a crap.  Pretty sad for a country that spends trillions of dollars fighting for freedom (?) and we don't even follow what is going on, don't give a crap.  More interested in sound bites than understanding.
   The Republicans will do NOTHING to make Obama look good, certainly no infrastructure rebuilding, certainly no jobs bill and they won't even entertain their OWN idea on National Health!
   I wonder what will happen?  How we will vote next November?  More years of the failed Bush policy?
A Nation lead by its Corporations?  Oh boy!  We will get what we vote for, what we deserve, that is for sure.  Cutting government programs and austerity?  Yes, let's be like Greece!!!  Or Ireland or Portugal or Spain!  They will show us the way!  I am amazed how easily we are persuaded to vote against our own interests, how easily we can be led and how lazy we have become.


Kay said...

amen, Jerry. I am not a conservative but this obstructionist partisan meaningless votes on Healthcare is disgusting. I know the republicans decided the day Obama was sworn in to obstruct every bill he introduced or supported..even if it was something they had supported before. This whole thing seems like school yard tactics and bullying. The lack of respect towards our President and his wife is also disgusting. I wish everyone would remember what they learned in kindergarten. This outward hatred of women and poor should make them blush in shame.

stonepost said...

Thanks, Kay. I consider myself a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, quite a mix! and I am a bit like Lil' Abner: "good is better because it is gooder!"

CrimsonLeaves said...

Maybe I am ignorant of some things here, Jerry, but how can you force people to buy health insurance who scrape by from month to month as it is. Health insurance policies are not cheap by a long shot and not many families can afford to pay for them out of pocket. For instance, my daughter. Her husband makes too much to qualify for state help but not enough to afford the policy. A rock and a hard place? Yes indeed.

stonepost said...

Sherry, I am not positive where government assistance would kick it but I think a family of four with under $40,ooo per year would cost nothing. This is something Obama needs to explain a bit better!!!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Not so on that one Jer. My daughter's husband may gross even a bit more than that. That said, by the time taxes come out, rent, car payments, car insurance, groceries, utilities, daily/weekly/monthly/seasonal expenses that come with having children, out of pocket costs of dental, vision, and medical...Well you get the drill. There is barely enough left over to do any of the fun things in life. Jessie had no pre-natal care (same wall each time she tried to find help; they make too much) and I am just so thankful that Oakley came out fine and healthy. She now owes $20,000 out of pocket for hospital alone, another $5,000 for the doc, and I am not even sure of the anesthesiologist costs. Not to mention she had two false starts that cost a visit to the hospital as well. Those costs add up and have overwhelmed her. And no, his company doesn't provide any healthcare benefits whatsoever. He is just glad to have a job. The costs are the said lack of benefits and only getting to be with his family on the weekend. No free educational opportunities for them, born and bred in the U S of A...