Monday, July 23, 2012

The Bill is in the Mail

How horrible!  What a horrid thing that happened in Colorado, getting shot in a movie theater!  Like being struck by lightening, no accounting and no protection from it.  Insane, of course.  Gun control is really not the issue although it is doubtful why someone might require 6,000 rounds of ammunition and a magazine that would hold a hundred rounds.  That might have been an indicator, maybe.  It happens everywhere, Canada earlier at a shopping mall and England, Norway, other places with strict gun control laws.  Bad guys have always gotten guns.
   No, this was all a lot of bad luck.  What is horrible to me is yet to come.  You get shot and survive in this country and you will get a bill in the mail.  or if you get killed, the bill comes anyway and someone pays.  The medical expenses must be horrific.  We have no National Health Care in this country.  Our victim's assistance, a welfare fund of sorts is pathetically underfunded.  Those who got shot will get a bill in the mail.
   We are a shoot 'em up Cowboy kind of Country, I admit that.  In the ten years we have been in Iraq and Afghanistan, more people have been shot in Chicago than on the battlefield.  Ten a night is not uncommon.
The deer in Chicago are in the zoo but people roam the streets and make for moving targets or the shooters move and do "drive byes".  Sport.  They have found abandoned guns with notches cut into the handles. Pride of marksmanship, I presume.  If you get shot in Chicago you will get a bill in the mail.
    Osama bin Laden single handedly doubled the price of an airline ticket, created Homeland Security and caused the economic collapse of the Western world and this Joker Guy who shot up the movie theater will double the price of a movie ticket.  The ticket takers will become trained armed guards and there will be secret guys, like air marshals, watching the movie over and over in the audience.  Terrorists and crazy people will control our behavior because we cannot control theirs!  Crazy world and they will send us the bill.
   It is all nuts. 


CrimsonLeaves said...

Agree agree agree. My local headlines (I keep local up on my internet homepage) have a number of shootings to report every single morning. The excessive heat? The economic state of the state and individuals within? Who knows but to my mind no excuses. We've reached a saturation point...too many people for the available jobs. Before long, only the rich will be able to afford gas and food. Disgusting.

stonepost said...

OMG, Sherry, it makes me nervous when someone agrees with me! I could be wrong.

stonepost said...

Whoop te do! I just heard on the news that their medical bills would not be in the mail!!! Now, can't we all have this without getting shot?