Monday, March 10, 2014

Do You Like Daylight Saving Time?

You don't really get an extra hour of sunlight, a 25 hour day and more sunlight would raise heck with global warming.  Like all government programs, they steal it, take it away from us early risers and give it to those people who like to mow their lawns or operate the leaf blowers at 8pm.
At one time I think it saved energy.  You could work late and walk home without the aid of streetlamps.
Now so many businesses are open 24 hours, someone is always in the dark.
In my retirement I am a morning person, pretty much getting up and going to bed with the chickens.  Well, at the same time they do anyway.  Chickens are smart and have sensible hours.  I still get up early, it is just longer before the darkness goes and, it seems, the day is half over before the sun comes out.  I think most gardening people like the early morning, hours when we can still find the slugs, and it amazes me that the little garden shops I like to frequent haven't caught on to this.  At 8am if I need something garden related I have to go to the "Big Box" stores.  My little garden shop doesn't open until 10am!  It concerns me that the best shop in town caters to the marijuana growers and doesn't open until 10:30am!  They have seriously great soil amendments but I suspect their clientele are busy testing the products late at night and prefer to sleep in.  That is too bad, I would buy a lot more from them if they maintained "gardener's hours"!
   Speaking of "that herb", I wonder why Monsanto and the seed producers and chemical suppliers of the world have not gotten involved in its production?  The marijuana produced now is not the same as the nasty leaves of the 1960's. No sir re bob!  We would have 16 pound tomatoes by now if the same effort had been put into agricultural production!  Let's see?  I have a really good greenhouse and perhaps the best soil in the Willamette Valley and I have a green thumb and unfiltered well water.
You are allowed Six Plants, at various stages even.  That is a lot of money!!!! What the hell am I growing tomatoes for?

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