Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Working with Wood

I have worked with wood most of my life although I don't do it much any more.  I love the smell of wood and the touch and all the varying hews to the grain.  I gave up woodworking when I discover metalworking and all the sparks I create can be dangerous.  No wood working in a metal shop!
That said, last week I came across a wonderful slab of Yew Wood and couldn't resist!  This is ancient wood that grows sparingly here in the Pacific Northwest and it was almost exterminated in the 1990's!
Some idiot thought its Bark would be the next cure for cancer and sent trainloads of people into the forests to strip the bark, leaving dead trees all over the place.  Most firewood hunters will cut these up into cordwood but once in awhile someone will see some beauty and cut a rough slab.


Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, this is a beautiful slice of a tree. It makes for a great bench .
Can it stay outside? Will it weather?
Yes, my friends know me as a 'tree hugger' .

Jerry Carlin said...

Yes, outside! It has 5 coats of Daley's Sea Fin Teak Oil on it.
Yeah, you are a hugger!

Stanza Widen said...

It's beautiful Jerry and it's nice to see you creating again.