Thursday, July 31, 2014

1st Show Ever!

I don't even remember the very first art show I participated in so many years ago.  I have done dozens and dozens of them, Home Shows, Gallery Events, Summer Exhibits and near Christmas time.  Making Art is the fun part but if you can't sell it the whole experience becomes tiresome and you run out of materials.  There is tons of anxiety to a first show.   Are you really ready?  Maybe forgotten some stuff?
Will anybody come?  and what will be their reaction?  It is a bit like being on stage and there are butterflies for sure.  But don't you wish you had bought the first Van Gogh?
    The Show is this Friday, an evening event with live music and festivities from 5pm until 9pm and all day Saturday from 9am until 5pm at Deterring Orchard near Harrisburg.  You can get fresh peaches at the same time!
   This will be my apprentices first show!  Her name is Sydnee Hale and she has an eye for Art and with the steady hand of a surgeon she is already a skilled welder.  A self proclaimed "perfectionist",
it will be worth a pleasant drive into the countryside to see her creations.  Her stand alone wall hangings would be great as a focus on a living room wall and strong enough to support the most vigorous of vines when mounted to an outside wall.  Her musical flowing bench is admired by all who have seen it and at five feet long is more than comfortable for three adults or a pile of children.  She has created three legged trellises 5, 6 and 7 feet tall that are whimsical, stylish and classical.
 Plant Stands for any sized pot, only $35.
    Most items on display are without that "artist tax" that established artists can demand and you will discover that if too late for this season in your garden, all of them would make wonderful artisan crafted and one of a kind Christmas gifts!
 4 and 5 foot "gallery pedestals" with feet and powder coated.
   With my support and encouragement this is Sydnee's show although I will have my photo album there,
 Made in Springfield Oregon from American Steel
seeking larger installation projects, nice substantial gated entries, rails and custom work.  My signature
 Wall Hanging or serious trellis
"Stone Posts" will be there, 5 and 6 foot concrete slated posts used as lamp posts and pedestrian gate posts.  There will be a six foot beauty there, made of sand slate and bone grout.  The only one in the world and worth the drive by itself!
 Double Curved, powder coated "silver vein"
   If you get a chance come visit us and although you may know me, say hello to Sydnee.  You will be impressed, I guarantee it!
Sydnee Hale, after the perfect picture!

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Barbra Joan said...

Good luck at the show .
Very Nice work.