Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Didn't Do It!

Seventeen year old girl!  Sounds like two cuss words in a row!  Not really, I have faith in the younger generation and having two daughters of my own I realize that girls can do anything a boy can do and sometimes better!  These are her benches, a crowning of her efforts of the summer working with me.  The pleasure has been mine and the learning and skills developed all hers and she is very good!
I have taught people welding before.  It is pretty easy, I can teach you to weld in five minutes but I can't teach enthusiasm or learning to deal with the dirt.  Welding is messy, dirty and noisy.  You have to want to do it or it just doesn't happen.  Like most learning in life.
It is fun to watch her.  She totally gets lost in her creations, all in a good way.  Focused and caring, each bend and weld better than the last.  She has made a lot this summer spending four or five hours every day at my shop, churning out trellises and plant stands, benches and garden art.
Next weekend is "The Art Show" and a 10' x 20' space I was talked into at the last show I did.  I have done so many of these over the years, probably a hundred!  This one will be hers and I will have nothing there, except maybe my apprentice herself!  That could be my best art ever!
Oh, I am sure she always had it in her, I just pushed and nudged and she fell right into it.
This whole experience reminds me of when I was a teacher and that question good teachers ponder.  Do you teach the student or do you teach the subject?  I never felt the subject was that important and my job was encouragement, providing a flashlight in the dark.  
What a great experience!


Clipped Wings said...

A reflection on each other, you both deserve to be proud.

Ladonna Hale said...

Thank you Jerry!! Grateful for everything you are teaching Syd and the confidence you are helping her build!

Nadia Johnson said...

Jerry such an inspirational and heart warming story. As I just wrote the tribute to my father who passed away this week I can assure you that she will cherish the memories just like you do!

A Modest Scribler said...

Lovely work by your daughter. You're a great teacher, my friend.