Monday, October 27, 2014

Voting in Oregon

There are two interesting issues in the upcoming elections in Oregon.  Marijuana is on the Ballot.
Right now marijuana is about as common as litter on the streets, just absolutely everywhere. I think it may no longer be a crime to have a little of this weed; it is certainly not enforced anyway.  The ballot issue is to make it even More legal, possession and growing it.  As a certified expert on growing tomatoes I might even try a plant or two!  What is the Big Deal of making it legal?  TAXES.  I guess our politicians have learned from Colorado and Washington and want to get in on the action!  The downside of this is that marijuana is everywhere!  Yes, if the measure passes you will be able to find a shop, a large variety and even candy laced marijuana, but it will all be taxed.  On the way to the shop you are likely to pass six or more opportunities to purchase marijuana without the tax.  It is just way too easy to grow.  I am sure these tax issues will work themselves out, especially the government hates competition!
The other issue is GMO's, the gene altered food we eat.  Nothing so radical as to make it illegal as in much of Europe, the ballot only says they have to be labelled.  We want to know what we are eating.
You ARE what you eat!   It is weird that they (Monsato) have developed corn, soybeans and rice that are impervious to herbicides.  They can drench them in Roundup and kill the weeds but not the plant.
Gee, I wonder if we are ingesting any of these poisons?  Oh, no, corporate American wouldn't do that to us, would they?
Oh, we have the other issues, the Democrats and Republicans trying to know each other out, lie it will make a difference.


Clipped Wings said...

I never understand why people don't realize that anything sprayed on a plant is absorbed into it's system. Poison centers will tell you not to let dogs eat non-organic raisins or grapes, because grapes are one of the most poisoned fruits we eat. It will cause kidney shutdown in dogs and cats, but we keep popping those little poisoned goodies into our mouths like candy.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

It's inevitable that it's eventually going to be legalized so I can't understand why people continue to fight it...