Friday, November 11, 2016


Is that really  word?  That is how I feel.  How you could ever explain American Politics to a foreigner is beyond me.  A reality Star for President! Seriously?  and naked photos of the First Lady to be on the Internet.  Really.  Sons who shoot endangered species for sport. Open pussy grabbing season. Open up the coal mines, bring on Armageddon, drill Baby Drill.  Cancel Row Vs Wade, set women Back a hundred years!  Tax Cuts for the 1%er's!  And I am worried about who he will surround himself with:  Sarah Palin, Mike Huklebee, Chris Christie, and others.
I am not mad at Donald Trump but I am disheartened at those who voted for him.  42% of single White Women!!!!  What in the World were they thinking?  It must be better to be loved by a wife beater than on your own.  I am reminded that female genital mutilation is favored by more African Women than men!  We simple fail to vote our own interests.
I think we can get over this, maybe recover.  There are more elections in two years.  I am not sure the Earth can take more trash and am more worried about that.  I don't want the water of Mexico or the sky of China.  Always wearing masks and drinking bottled water as the new normal.
Either way he will soon become our President, then we will see what we have done to ourselves.
Whatever happens don't blame him.  We did it.  and saying "I didn't know that would happen" will be the only excuse we can come up with because   we    are    that    stupid.

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