Tuesday, November 15, 2016

No One Wants the Truth

It is a bad sign when we blame others for our shortcomings.   The nasty Jews the Germans killed off in the War.  Oh, first just the "Bad Ones", the criminal Jews and no one cared, then the "probably criminal" and added the sick and infirm, the Gypsies to the list, then, of course "all of them" by the train car loads.
It is funny that Rural America pushed Trump to win this election.  Rural America and farmers.  Who will pick their crops now?
It is always bad when someone gets up the ladder by stepping on those below.  The Truth is Humans are a selfish lot and blaming others is the easier thing to do.
We are so quick to forget the oiling of  Louisiana, the Entire Coastal Area, Destruction of the Gulf Coast.  The Exon-Valdez oil spill that trashed the Alaskan shoreline.  The Dakota Pipeline, a bunch of Indians are after clean water, what the heck is that about when I can get bottled water at Walmart!
We want Cheap Gas and just won't admit it.
I think secretly we hate this planet, want to use it all up.  I see more Trash every day, the new normal.
We keep our cars clean.  It is just expected that we toss the garbage out the window!
The latest statistic I read:  we watch television (streaming Netflix) 600 hours a year!
The "New Normal"  live in a cubicle, throw trash out the window and watch Netflix.
and Cheap Gas, at any cost.  Seriously? 


Anonymous said...

You are still hiding from me. I like you anyway.T

Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, give it a chance will you? It's been going your ,(their) way for a while now, and look where it's gotten us.
You and I will not be here, but can you not see what we're growing in the Universities now.? A class of people who don't know that not always getting their way is LIFE! I'm not talking about the election here.

Everyone has to get a ribbon, a trophy, recognition because God forbid they should experience disappointment ...THEY? are going to defend and love this country? Half of them don't even know who the current vice president is, or what happened in our History.
You've always said I was an inspiration, strong. ... How the hell do you think I got that way ?
Please can't you try to see it .

Barbra Joan said...

And BTW Anonymous ,


Yes J, I still love you.

Jerry Carlin said...

I don't think anonymous is really after me as I am not that difficult to find!
Barbra, I do see your point and don't totally disagree with you. I will give Trump a chance but am worried about his cabinet appointees already:(I agree we don't understand nor study our own history and most people don't have a clue for what we voted. Time will tell and we can vote again that is the nice part about this country. It is All Republican now, no excuses, the credit or blame will be on them.

Tabor said...

I think (with little verification) that a large segment of those who voted for Trump are like a disenfranchised child that wants attention finally and do not care that they got it by throwing the burning hurricane lamp onto the floor. When the smoke settles maybe there will be something to rebuild.