Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I am Back!

Well, maybe I'm back I want to begin a whole NEW BLOG:
First let me get you up to date since my last post.  I am still free of cancer!  That is the very good news,
just had my 2 year check up yesterday and passed with flying colors!  I have had a couple very small welding job, nothing to shake a stick at but work in this down and damned economy so I am not complaining. My little studio is finished and I have painted a little, but not too much, no stick shakin g there either.  This Spring I will be adding a window, openable for ventilation and then it will be perfect.
     Since my retirement that came a little earlier than I wanted because of the cancer thing and the economy thing, as you know, I got into painting, a little more with my metal art and blogging!  I really miss the Blogging!  I like it because I have met some great people here from all around the world. It gives me hope for the planet; we still have a chance. I also like it because it helps me think things out.  I have found wonderful kindred spirits here and people who disagree with me.  I like that too as I am not fixed in my positions and like being exposed to various ideas.  I live in Oregon, in a small valley town and if you count the nearby towns all of us might amount to 200,000 people!
No subways, no gangs, not much violence and just a little graffitee.  It is a walkable town, day or night.
   I've learned the computer during these past two years, learned about "Google" and looking up people and discovered I know (and in some cases "really know"!) some very famous people.
   To cut it short here is what has happened.  In 30 years in the construction trades, other than blue prints and the newspaper I had pretty much quit reading.  I was initially afraid to contact people from my past because my language now is pretty much what you might expect from a construction guy.  I can curse up a storm with the best of them, and yes, I have been in bar room fights, and I can dress uo, go to City Hall and get a building permit.  I have those talents now.
    When you go down one road you may not go down another.  Left or right, not both. I don't regret anything I have done and the choices that got me to where I am.  I realized one day while taking my bath that I am not stuck.  Time is a continuum and at every moment we have that choice: left or right, this or that, do I or don't I?
   One of these famous people that I know (wouldn't you know they are both women!...No, that is not true, I know a Movie Actor too!) has written ten books so I began there.  Then, for fun and because I was without direction I went on to read a bunch of books on Art History.  Just so I could know who was doing what and when.  That got me into some history books and I have just been on a reading jag.
   For Christmas I received the latest Michael Connelly books and one by James Patterson and since then have been on a mystery novel roller coaster, reading one a day and trading books with a good friend of mine.
   Last week we had a crime in our town that made the Front Page.  That Never happens!  It was so bizzare that it made the Huffington Post!  Somebody went through a skylight in one of those old industrial buildings and repelled down eighteen feet on rope, just like in "The Thomas Crown Affair"!
It was a metal shop much like mine and the guy who rented it was an artist, much like me. It wasn't your run of the mill metal theft by crazed meth addicted drug addicts looking for a fast buck.  Only 2 things were stolen and a lot of heavy, valuable metal and tools were left.  The prize was a metal sculpture that was commisioned and rejected by a ski resort.  It was mostly made of up used skis with a death mask made of recycled metal in the center.  Not deemed appropriate for a ski lodge!  Someone plotted and planned this theft and took climbing rope with them to do the job.
   So I want to write a story!  How hard can it be?  It is all a formula, isn't it?  You have to create a likable character (ME!), create  a mystery and get him to solve it.  Sounds simple.  Of course I will change all of the names, even mine!  I have the essential ingredients, a small crime that will get very complicated! famous people!  Can you have a mystery thriller book without sex?  Gee, I don't know about that part? 
    I am telling you all this because I want you to know I am still alive but also because I would like your help.  I don't have the story even outlined, so far one small chapter.  No middle, no end. It is going to be half-truths and lots of lies, that is all I know.  I want suggestions and comment and criticism and maybe we can do some of this together?  Find a direction? It might be fun and if it isn't that is okay too.  We will find something else to do!


Clipped Wings said...

I used to want to write a book. It will be fun following along with yours and commenting. Love the title.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Jerry, I'm so glad to see you back and blogging. You know you'll have me on the other blog too, yes? I so love your enthusiasm and your spirit and you can do-ness. I know your story will be awesome as well!! I've missed your wit and your fun!

stonepost said...

Thank you both! We will see where we can take this. Maybe I should get a passport?

Kay said...

what a weird crime! It should inspire a great read. Hope you write it!

Tiffiny said...

Isn't life amazing. We go along for awhile thinking we've done what we are going to do, we have learned what we are going to learn and then suddenly a new passion is thrown in the mix and we are off and running again.

Glad to see you back, looking forward to your new blog. ;)