Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Last Piece of Cake

   Our political beliefs are tied to our view of the world, how we see things and what we focus on.  A lot of our beliefs are purely an accident of birth.  If we were Eskimos we would consider seal eyeballs a delicacy and whale hunting as a right of passage and normal thing to do. Sometimes we believe things without question, often  without thought and seldom with investigation. Often things are not dependent upon belief.  They either are, or they are not and no amount of belief will change the outcome.
   Did you see the story about Japan?  Japan has the largest percentage of old people and the youth are no longer falling in love!  Its population is expected to drop by 20% in the next 40 years which might be good if it were proportionate but it will mean even more older people and far fewer children.  No young worker bees to support the colony!  Young people do not want the bother of a relationship, the commitment or sacrifice. They are trading the future for now.
   I wonder if we are doing that too?  Oh, I think we are still making babies, that is the fun part but are we dealing with tomorrow?  I think who a person votes for depends on how you envision the future.  If it is the last piece of cake on the plate and we have to fight for it or if there will be more.

I am going to begin my book tomorrow!  I still only have that first chapter written but I need the commitment to keep me motivated, Obligation, Look for it HERE.

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CrimsonLeaves said...

Quite honestly, I agree with your words, Jer. I didn't see the story but am not surprised that it hasn't happened here as rapidly (if at all). People care about self these days. No room for worrying or caring about someone else. Also just sayin'. (Yeesh...hoping Tiffiny and Kay aren't too peeved with my response. I speak from personal experience and seeing it in action though.)