Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eight Degrees

We can't read every language and don't listen to whales much nor hear the sound of the sea.  We know something is happening, cherry blossoms are earlier this year, not so much snow, an early Spring.
   The Northwest Passage will be open soon and we can book voyage, sail from Europe to China on the Northern Route through Canada.  Clear, blue water from glaziers melting faster than we care to admit.
There is land under the Arctic ice and we will claim it, new territory to conquer!  Less ice could mean more rain, Biblical Floods.  It has happened before. A self cleaning, flushing the system.
   A simple three degrees makes a big difference.  Could be freezing or not.  Beautiful Alaska, home to so much we call Nature has dead Spruce trees, a horizon of fire waiting.  Three degrees there allowed a beetle to survive and spread from tree to tree for miles after miles killing along the way.
   It is not land that holds the heat; it is the Oceans and they are getting warmer, angry waters.  Funny, how much we claim to love nature and flowers and forest animals and pretty things and fail to hear their cry.
   Eight degrees warmer now.  The warmest March on record and April is heating up. Might be a warm one.
A long, hot summer.  I wonder.  I wonder, I wonder?
   How is your weather?


Tiffiny said...

Our weather is weird and gets weirder every year. It's hot one day and snowing the next. Last year it snowed through to June, which is unheard of here. Spring came for a couple of weeks and then winter came back for a couple of months. Strange days indeed.

CrimsonLeaves said...

As in all things, change happens. I wish those that can would do something to preserve. That is my heathen side. I believe in green and preservation wholeheartedly.

rama said...

The weather here in Bangalore is supposed to be like SFO all year round, but for the few years we are seeing it get worse and worser. At present we are supposed to have some April showers, but all we feel is the heat going up and up and up.
One would like to be under AC all the time , which of course in India it is still not possible.
Now there is again the threat of Tsunami, as you say the sea is getting angry and it is going to punish us, but do we ever learn?