Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ya Gotta Pay The Hookers!

Wow, like some plot in a cheap mystery book that got rejected because it just wasn't plausible. How can our Secret Service be so dumb?  It seems that they wouldn't have been caught if they had just paid their bill. Makes me wonder how long this has been going on?  Crap!  I thought You paid them!  No, I thought You paid them!  I paid them the last time!
   Well, I know it is a tough job, jumping in front of bullets and all but really?  Hookers?  In Columbia?  A country known for its coffee and coke?  and gangsters and cartels?  Might be easy to pry secrets while under the sheets?
   No, I do not believe in conspiracy theories.  We are just too damned dumb!  At least those in charge are!