Thursday, December 20, 2012

One Day Left!

What time tomorrow will the bells toll?  Tomorrow, December 21st, the End of Times according to some attempting to interpret the Mayan Calendar.  I wonder if we can have breakfast first?  Will it end in a millisecond or take up the entire day?
   When I had my fight with cancer I thought each night was my last, that I would never wake up the next morning.  When you get to that point the lists of things you want to do become very small indeed.
It is the sick and the dying who have little thought of the future and secretly wish it would come fast.
I wonder about extreme beliefs and the people who find comfort in them.  I have read that all over the world, crisscrossing the globe and regardless of religion people have been preparing for this winter event.  Stockpiling food and guns and batteries and such.  Maybe they think it will take longer than a day?
   What an inspiration for our children!  The World will end...SOON!  Maybe tomorrow! or with Armageddon on its way, certainly in your lifetime!  No time for rosebuds and silly poetry, gather ye armaments while ye may!  Before the Government shuts this avenue down and we have to use Molotov
Cocktails!  Our last days gathering empty bottles and siphoning gasoline from abandoned automobiles!
Such an apocalyptic world view, why are we so BAD?
   Today I will buy a Christmas tree and decorate it with lights and balls and tinsel. I might buy a cheesecake because I would like that taste if tomorrow is the last day.
   If I wake up tomorrow and the day is still here I will make plans.  I want to see and be in the middle of a great big forest, away from roads and wires and buildings, the scars of man.  I want to see the Ocean and breath the salty air.  I will hug my children and laugh and tell them, no, the World is not going to end.  You will have to go to work tomorrow and plan for your future.  It will be as you want it to be.

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stonepost said...

It is over now. We can get on with living. Which way? Who has a flashlight?