Friday, December 28, 2012

Whale Watching

This is my first "Movie" and I am not sure that it will work but I gave it an effort.
The day after Christmas we went to the coast, an hour and a half drive from our valley home.
It is Whale Watching Season in the Pacific along the Oregon Coast where up to 30 whales per hour, about 16,000 total migrate each year from their Alaskan Feeding grounds to the warmer waters off the Southern California Coast.  It is a sight to see although there are none in this movie.
There are NO Private beaches in Oregon, no place you have to pay to visit, no boardwalks or carnival atmosphere and no one serving drinks under umbrellas. And almost never crowded even in the height of the summer season.  If you see more than six people you just move down the beach for your own private place.
   We do have sandy beaches in Oregon, miles and miles of sand dunes and open beaches and a couple special areas with a particular sand the sardines like and they can easily be scooped up with a net.
Salmon can be caught directly off the beach.  We also have rocky areas, my personal favorite where at high tide one can see the power of the Ocean as it beats upon the rocks.  At low tide you can go exploring and find the pools with crabs and star fish and all kinds of sea life.
   We stayed in a Motel above this rocky ledge and had a balcony view.  My daughters are adults now but a visit to the ocean always brings back fond memories of our visits there when they were small children.  And we had real fish and chips, fresh Ling Cod, not that frozen imitation.  Wonderful.


Barbra Joan said...

Love this Jerry. So good to see you smiling and happy with your daughters. Memories are the best things ..and we have lots of them.

curlyvictor said...

Great Jerry.

Haddock said...

For a "first" the movie is quite good.
If can pan with a little more steady hand, the outcome would be better :-)

rama said...

Jerry,I can see that you are really enjoying the holiday season with your family.
The video is good.
Wish You All A Very Happy New Year!

Dionne said...

Beautiful! I've always wanted to see Oregon especially during whale watching season. Love the video. Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year!

Bruce Sherman said...

Happy New Year ... from The Paint Box Gallery!

Plain to see... that you live in a special place... and "what a wonderful world it is"! Can't get any better - two beautiful young, healthy daughters to share it with... whales... "authentically" tasty ling cod fish n' chips and two legs still pumpin' you about to enjoy the adventures and gifts which our commonly valued world offers!

Good Painting...and adventuring Stonepost!
Warmest regards,

Clipped Wings said...

I don't really like being ON the ocean, but to view it from the shore is awesome with stormy weather. Beautiful family photo. Beautiful family. Wishing you the best of this new year.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Your girls are beautiful, Jer. Looks like this was a wonderful and most fabulous trip! So glad you survived Armageddon but then I already know you as a survivor.