Monday, December 17, 2012

One More Kiss!

It has been in the news that the gunman's mother (I won't respect them with a name) was an "end of times" believer, a believer in a horrible Armageddon , end of Government, mass hysteria, shootings in the streets, famine and each for his own.  It is not known yet if this is a religious belief or maybe, just Four Days From Now: December 21st and the Mayan Calendar.  Whatever, she was prepared. Stockpiling of food, lots of guns and thousands of bullets and she taught her son to shoot, good mother that she was.  To them and the children, the end of times was near and they brought it about.
     I am not a believer.  Not in that kind of stuff, only in the self fulfillment part.  We get what we look for in this life.
   In my drinking days I used to say that if that time were near, only a day or so left, I would head to the liquor store and today I would probably do the same...It is a crazy world where we propose scenarios in  which we pit one neighbor against another.  In that last moment (where we may or may not see God) we want to go out with so much anger!  I remember the Chinese student during the Tianiman Square protests who put flowers into the barrel of the gun on the tank and think I would rather be like him.
Fifteen rounds per second, that is what that rifle shoots.  Instant hamburger, not a good hunting rifle.
It is not the way I would choose to be.  I am more like "gather ye rosebuds while ye may"! One last poem, scratch my name in the sand, another painting, one more piece of metal worked, another kiss!
I am suspicious of people who believe in Armageddon, especially those with guns and self fulfilled prophesies.


Dionne said...

I saw a news conference today with friends of the mother who stated the reports that have come out about her were not true. That her son was born with aspergers syndrome and she did everything she could to help him to live a normal life. They said she did own guns and did take her kids to a shooting range but she wasn't planning for the end of the world. The way they talked about her was that she was just a mother who loved a child born with a disability and did everything she could to help him live a normal life.

If this is true I think it's terrible that the media has made her into a monster that created a monster. Lots of everyday people own guns and take their kids out to shoot. It doesn't turn the kids into killers. This woman probably never suspected that her child could one day do what he did.

stonepost said...

Yes, good point, Dionne, news reports can easily get discombobulated! Another reason that the NEWS is not a particularly good source of information! Just happened? Like lightening? Nothing we can do? Wear bullet proof vests? Arm the teachers? I was once a teacher, that could be dangerous! Six bullets? enough?

Barbra Joan said...

I think you know me pretty well JErry. You know what a sensitive, compassionate person I am.
I've had my insides torn up since this happened. Brings back memories to me of what it feels like losing a child.
That said though, my dad taught me to shoot and respect guns from a very early age, I do and am glad of it. I would not feel at all comfortable in my home alone, with the defense of a gun.
Women have no chance physically against a man.. Happens every day, damn it !
It's a shame that I feel I need that for protection, but to repeat myself , when was the last time a man walked into a police station and killed 27 people..? Even a nut knows better than that.

stonepost said...

Thanks for the thoughts, Barbra! A six year old school boy has your same beliefs. He took a gun to school to protect himself! Sad to live in fear.

Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, I don't live in fear, and it might surprise you to know I have very few fears, so not so sad my friend. I'm prepared to have a level playing field against some weirdo that comes into my home to do me harm and all I have is a frying pan to protect myself.? Oh no.