Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daylight Saving Time

Can you believe it?  Congress has done it again, more Daylight Saving Time in the midst of Global Warming, more sunshine just when the Earth is at its warmest in over 4,000 years!  Duh! Wouldn't an extra hour of evening make more sense?  Or maybe an extra hour of sun during the Winter would be better?  Who pays these bills anyway?  It must be expensive to keep the Sun alight for an extra hour every day!  Wasting energy.  We should be conserving Sunlight for a time when we really need it.
Using up our children's inheritance, there we go again.  Maybe next year they will get some sense and declare two hours of darkness in the middle of the day.  That would help, I know.  Congress just doesn't have any sense.
I am in my shop today with the lights on so the sunshine and nice day will be wasted on me.  I am working on a series of railings (a Job, oh Boy!). Each railing has an arch and a center "art" section of vines and roses and lots of leaves. I will do these areas next week.  This weekend I am taking advantage of my help and churning out the frames with the bars every 4", mass production.  It will  be a nice day today, about 60 degrees and clear blue skies.  Tomorrow it is supposed to rain.  This is Oregon and we will get a few nice days but it could rain until the end of June.  The weather is getting harder and harder to predict.  Last year we had an early Spring, into the 80's in May and then the rains came, every day through June.  Crazy and hard on my tomatoes.  I got a new roof, let it rain.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I think they should just do away with daylight savings time. It's such an outdated concept.

Clipped Wings said...

Hahaha! Since I still work, I love daylight savings time. Gives me an extra hour in the gardens when I get off work in the very late afternoons. In fact, I think it would be great if they left the hour pushed ahead for the entire year and just called that the regular time. It's warm here today also with the rains moving in this afternoon. Supposed to rain all day tomorrow, but unlike Oregon, we usually don't have continual rains that last more than a week at a time, thank goodness. Look forward to photos of your latest project.