Thursday, March 14, 2013

Garden Gates

I wonder if "The Secret Garden" had a door?  I have three garden gates entering my garden area.  One has an arch over it with a Trumpet Vine creating the main entry.  The other is near my compost pile and the third is beside my shop next to the garden and leads to a walkway beside the garden and behind my shop.  My garden needs to be "Dog Proof" because I have a 128 pound doggy who loves to dig!
I counted the gates on my property yesterday as a client was coming by to look at them for ideas for his own gate.  I have a total of 14 and that surprised me.  There are no two the same and although they all lead somewhere their main function being to limit my dog's freedom and as samples for potential customers.  I have three dimensional gates, gate with stone incorporated into them, classical gates, modern art gates and gates made from just plain junk.  Custom garden gates can range from $200 to $800 to create and I suppose even more if I were to add some gold.
A fun gate with a lady picking roses!
   Gates could be less expensive if I could make them in advance and keep them available for purchase but it doesn't work that way.  Most people set the posts first and then go shopping for a gate.  They never fit requiring custom work.  If they were to buy a gate first and then set the posts to match the gate it would be a lot easier!
     Maybe tomorrow I will post photos of all my gates?
Here is a link to my WebSite for more gates and garden ideas


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Yes you should definitely post some photos here of your gates!!

Barbra Joan said...

I'll go look at your website.. how come I never knew about that?
Mr . Stonepost?
hugs, BJ

Barbra Joan said...

Love that website,all that wonderful iron work, and that's why your the best..!!
BJ again