Friday, March 15, 2013

Steel and Stone

 Stone Post, bridge, my house
 Gate to compost area
 Mixed Lettuce in Slate Planter
 My Back Yard Shop
 Fence in back yard
 Railing from the back stairs
 Not rectangular gate to firewood area
 The Bridge to my shop
 Another gate to ditch
 Gate to back yard, circles
 Curved gate beside my shop
 Another garden entry, copper and marble
Gate to ditch near studio
 Little curved gate protecting the blueberry patch.
This is my Main Garden Gate with a Trumpet vine over it. I originally made this for the Opera "Tosca" 
 A Gate with Slate in a display area
There is really a lot more to see.  I haven't even showed you the garden or greenhouse, inside my shop or my studio but this gives you some idea.  It is not a flat green back yard.  Come visit me sometime!  and here is the LINK to other jobs I have done,
I went around my little third acre yesterday taking pictures of metal work and thought I would share them with you. When I finish the projects that I am working on I will continue with my Spring clean up.  It is a process of dump runs, power washing, getting the pots planted and a major clean up.  It is beautiful all summer long well into the Fall.  The white, red and blue pots you see were once light fixtures that I re purposed from the dump.  I have about 22 of these and they make great flower pots!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

WOW these are truly amazing sir!! You're quite talented indeed!

Dionne said...

Beautiful. Love the bridge. The gates are wonderful.

Barbra Joan said...

I don't know how I missed this post.
I'd never seen all your work in one place, just bits that you were working on in the shop..
Your truly amazing Jerry, you have a gift. I consider a gift anything that we can do to make it a more beautiful world.. I say you have many... thank you .... BJ

Anthony said...

If only nice, pretty flowers were growing, blooming around here...I think the unusually cold weather has held some of them back.