Sunday, April 28, 2013

How is the weather?

There are no safe topics.  Everything leads to politics.  "Global Warming" may have been misnamed  it is a certainty that the weather is changing what may be in doubt is how much culpability we will admit to.  Maybe it is not our fault but it probably is.  It is true that we could do something about it but I wonder if we will?  It is a fact that the weather is changing.  Snow in April in some parts of this country!  Crazy weather!  We are missing rain in Oregon by more than half.  "April showers bring May flowers" has always been true for Oregon and it has been know to rain through June.  Normally our summer doesn't begin until the fourth of July and often we have an "Indian Summer", nice sunny days through September and into October.
   It was 80 degrees yesterday.  And the day before.  We have three cloudy days forecast but no rain and then the ten day forecast is close to 80 degrees every single day.  The gardening "rule" in Oregon has always been to get your garden planted by Memorial Day.  That is the end of May!  Summer is a month early!  I normally harden off my tomato plants during the first two weeks of May, taking them from their protected environment of the greenhouse and exposing them to the real world a few hours at a time.  Not so easy when the temperature is already in the eighties!  Crazy weather!
   Last year May was also nice but then June came and it was colder than normal and rained every day.
That sent my tomatoes into shock which they did not recover from until the end of July.  What will happen this year?  The weather man is always right in predicting the weather fifty percent of the time.
This has to be crazy hard for the farmer.  Some parts of the country they can't plow because there is snow on the ground and other parts a veritable drought.  Nuts.
    On a different topic, do you have a juicer?  It is the latest fad and my wife bought one last week.
It is pretty amazing really and has to be healthy.  I go out in the garden and clip a few leaves of spinach
and Swiss Chard, different lettuces, some cabbage and nasturtium flowers.  She adds some apples and a banana and juices it all up!  Pretty cool! and all fresh from the garden.  What do you like to juice? and after the thrill of the first two weeks, how often do you use it?
   How is your weather?
You can see more of my garden here:


Graciewilde said...

So far this year, the weather here in coastal NorCal is about par for the course - foggy, foggy, and, did I mention foggy? Ugh. When inland parts of NorCal are sitting at 8f5 degrees, we are sitting at 56.... it has been burning off by early afternoon but the temp does not get above 70. This is how it is pretty much until fall - when it is cooler inland and the fog does not get pulled in. I often wish I could move somewhere where the fog did not go but there are so many other reasons to stick around here that I never get beyond dreaming. We have put in some of the veggie garden but you can plant through May. The tomatoes do better when planted on the south side of the house (where the heat is reflected off the house walls).
No, I don't have a juicer - don't really do much with the juice thing. Mostly, fruit juice is too sweet for me and carrot juice? shades of hippie days.....

Barbra Joan said...

Oh good Jerry, 80 degrees you say?
Good then I won't miss a beat when I get out there.
Juicer ... never had one nor will I ever.. It's one of those gadgets that winds up under the kitchen counter ....

rama said...

Even we are also looking for April Showers here, but it is still evading us. It is now going to become May, it is so hot. I really feel bad for the farmers, and I wish it would rain at least for their sake.
My husband keeps making tomato juice, and often some mixed fruit juices in our mixer/ grinder, which is the best, the juicer which is specially meant for juicing is a waste, we bought one and it is such a pain getting the juice from it , and also so many things have to be washed , we have packed it and kept it the attic.
It was a real let down. I hope yours is a good one.
However, we are re happy with our multi purpose Mixie, and we make great tasting juices everyday.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This has been the craziest weather year that I've ever seen in my entire life. Mother Nature is being quite moody!! And I can't say I blame her...