Monday, April 29, 2013

Blender on Steroids!

Kitchen Appliances are the norm these days and a modern house has two separate electrical circuits
dedicate just to the kitchen.  I like tools and I confess that I own some of these and some I use and some are at the back of the pantry used sparingly.  The one I use most often was purchased on a spur of the moment weakness because I was impressed by the salesperson at a Home Show.  It is over thirty years old now, still works like a champ and gets used often.  It cost $300. way back then and a similar model now is over $600.  It is a Vitamix Blender and after 30 years of use is still as good as the day I brought it home.  It is a blender on steroids and could probably turn rocks into a fine powder.
To be honest I bought it because I liked daiquiris and a gimlet made like a Seven 11 slurpee! Most blenders you have to break the ice into little pieces first or it will jam up the works, not a Vitamix!  You can fill it with full frozen cubes and in seconds you have snow.  A minute later you would have boiling water!  The blades (same ones for 30 years!) turn so fast they will cook vegetables and you can make soup!  You can put dried tomatoes in it and turn them into a paste!
   I also have a bread machine and I hate it. It is a good one, also top of the line but it makes bread "just like store bought" bread and that is not a compliment.  Nothing can beat the love put into hand made bread and nothing can duplicate that process.  I like the process of making bread, even the flour on the floor and a machine just doesn't do it for me.
   Never used after the first week or so:  a Pasta Machine, works great but a lot of effort and too much clean up.  A milkshake machine, don't even know where it is.  We do have an air popcorn popper that gets used once a month or so!  And a KitchenAid mixer, a very powerful piece of machinery that mostly sits on the counter.  A Microwave that is used for reheating, never for cooking!
   So that is my confession for today!  What kitchen appliance do you use most?


rama said...

I use the oven, microwave, all purpose mixer/ grinder, the electronic chimney(and even after 13 years it is absolutely clean), the South Indian simple coffee filter every morning, Pressure cooker every day.
I am impressed by your very old gadgets which are still in good working condition.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

The kitchen appliance I use the most is the microwave lol. Followed closely by the toaster.

Barbra Joan said...

The kitchen appliance that I use most is the door that leads OUT of the kitchen... !