Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Place to sit

 My slate planter is coming along, I still have to grout it.
I have done dozens and dozens of Home Shows and summer art shows over the years and consider myself an expert at their presentation.  There is always a price of some kind to get in them, a fee or a commission or both. Home Shows are the most expensive and you quickly learn to utilize the space, the decoration and display.  If you are beginning in this process my strongest advice would be don't have anything in your booth that is not for sale and absolutely don't bring one of those plastic lawn chairs.
I am never sitting down if there is a chance that a potential client could be within 30 feet. That is a horrible presentation of indifference.  That said, the shows are long and difficult and there are opportunities to relax and sit and sometimes a potential customer would like to sit as well.  This year I have my 10' tall "sprinkler chair/trellis" and I made a small 2 person bench from a nice scrap piece of oak.  I like the floating, cantilevered oak and the base has heavy ornamental iron castings.  I will put a $135 price tag on it and if it doesn't sell it will be a great addition to my own studio!
                                                                                    Yesterday was pretty productive. I made three
                                                                                     tripod pedestals that will accept any size flower                      
                                                                                     pot.  These are easy to make and over the years I
                                                                                     have made hundreds of them.  They are
                                                                                     inexpensive too, just $30 and another way to
                                                                                     support the arts and take something home!

 Tripod Pedestal

 This can be freestanding or mounted to the deck

I am not sure what I will make today!  Something for sure, I have exactly one more week before move in day and I have ONE truckload already. It would be nice to have two!


Graciewilde said...

I vote for anything that is in the "affordable" range. As someone who lives in an artsy town and who wants to support local artists and who has a limited budget, I like it when I can actually purchase something beautiful.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Two birds with one stone: Something that they can both sit on AND potentially buy!!