Monday, June 24, 2013

More of This or That?

One problem with doing an Art Show is that you never know what will sell.  What sold last year is pretty meaningless, it is just a guessing game.  Day Nine and I had a pretty good day, made a lot of stuff without buying a lot of stuff.  This is an opportunity to clear out sections of my shop, not the whole damned thing though!  Yet, still, I have to make things I like because I might end up taking them home.
I try to make a variety of items and a variety of pricing.  My "Big Ticket Item" will be a Stone Post, a concrete post covered in slate and used as a light post, sometimes free standing and sometimes connected to fencing or a gate.  That will have a price of $400.  My slate raised planter is next at $225.
Two reclaimed wooden top tables, large round table (not finished) and a garden chair with a 10' trellis back topped with a sprinkler!
 Ceramic on steel stake
The tables are all the same $135. The slate or ceramic on a steel stake, at 12" x 12" is $35 and 6" x 6" for $25.  I end up with a lot of items in the 25-35 price range.  That way people can "support the artist" AND Maude Kerns Gallery without breaking the bank.  I do not raise my prices for an art exhibit. They take a 30% commission and I figure that is my contribution to the arts.  I normally get follow up work.
 Copper bird bath and feeding station
They like what I do but the size is wrong or they need something else entirely.  In this sense, this gallery garden art show is advertizing for my business.  So we all come out winners.
 Slate on steel stakes, looks like its floating,huh?


Barbra Joan said...

And what do I like ???
Everything!!!Your art is creative, quirky enough to stand out and well made...Like you !!!
Seriously Jerry I think you will do well this year, people are at the home centers buying ...
I stll have your wall hanging by my door to the art store.. and the other one is a holds my purse in my room...
My favorite is the way you make those roses.. BJ

Graciewilde said...

I think it would be hard to let go of some of the pieces. I have some favorite of my goofy abstract paintings that really speak to me - and I am always shocked when someone sees them and the piece calls to them too. Sending my babies out into the world - away from me - is hard to do! But then what do I do with all those goofy paintings? who the hell knows

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I think you'll do awesome Jerry! You're very creative sir.