Sunday, June 23, 2013

Art and the Vineyard

I wasn't going to do this Art Show this year.  It is Maude Kerns, perhaps our biggest local gallery and community art center, annual fund raiser and it is their 30th consecutive event.  It is a big deal in my city.   They rent the entire park by the river and charge over 75,000 people $7.50 to get in.  There are over 130 artists from all over the Northwest exhibiting at the show.  It will be a three day event, July 4th, 5th and 6th.  I did well at the show last year, my first year there but it is a lot of work and I am not sure I like the way they represent artists.  What I mean by this is probably a whole philosophical discussion about art galleries and artists.   We are a fickle bunch and really, need more than sales to keep us happy.  I was disappointed that in the entire year they never visited my studio!  Yes, it comes down to ego.  I was one of their top ten selling artists and they couldn't bother to stroke me!  Artists need galleries because we do not know what we are doing.  If sales were easy there would be no point to the galleries.  So I am left to my own devices when it comes to taking a truckload of metal pieces to their show.  That's OK, I am pretty good at that; however, a walk about through my garden, my shop, my studio and a discussion of the trade with a gallery representative would be meaningful.  I don't think it is enough for a gallery to just acquire pieces and sell them on a commission.  Most businesses do not operate that way.
   At any rate they called yesterday and talked me into it at the last minute.  Still no plan, no visit, just those words that I can never resist:  "Jerry, we need you".
So the painting of my house is on hold.  I have the side, one third of the house to finish and it can wait. I have ten days to create 15 pieces and it will be a trial for my neuroprothetic hands!  What I have learned over the years in my art is to make things I like, that way, if for some reason they do not sell then I am happy to own them.
I like garden tables, not tables for people but for
Garden Table
the garden, a place to put that morning coffee,
a place to put the clippers, or that fresh picked produce
while you continue the walk of the garden.  I have
several of these in my garden and plant cucumbers
On its side during construction
around their base and they use these as a trellis!

Yesterday I also began a steel framed and slate covered container raised bed. I love these and already have several around my shop/studio/garden.  I wouldn't mind a few more!
The tops of these are 24 to 30" off the ground and early in the season I use them for lettuce and spinach or even snap peas. Later in the season they become flower pots although I did just yesterday
plant three rows of carrots in one.
I will attempt to post here 10 days in a row and show you everything I make for this art show!
I will make an easel for sure! I made three for this show last year and they all sold. "Art in the Garden", right?  You need an easel!
Steel framed and covered in slate: flower pots


Graciewilde said...

Yes, I paint but then I end up with all these paintings thrown in a box under the table. Over the past two weeks, I have discarded easily over 150 pieces. I just went through accumulated works from over the last ten years or so and just tossed with abandon anything that did 't speak to me anymore. I DID keep a lot too - I don't know why but I kept the ones that evoked any positive response in me.
I like your tables and the idea that it is cool to have a place to set your coffee (or, alternatively, your iced tea) as you make your way through the garden. I don't do enough of that strolling through the garden thing but the fantasy is nice. Let's hear if for fantasy.

Barbra Joan said...

I'm so glad to hear this Jerry.
Yes, you need this , so get busy . I know you have it in you so Do It!
If I were out there now, I'd pushing you . In the end
You know you'll be tired but happy.

rama said...

All the best for the show. I really like the table. Looking forward to see all the creations for the Art Show. Get busy now Jerry.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love those tables Jerry! I think you'll do awesome!!