Sunday, July 17, 2011

Controversial Weather

Of course we can't talk politics and I seldom discuss religion but until now "the weather" has always been a safe subject.  Something strange is happening.  It is interesting how we have lost the ability that our ancestors
had, predicting the weather and developing a sense of causation.
   It is raining now and it rained all day yesterday.  It never rains in July in Oregon.  It is camping season and if the sprinklers are not set on automatic the garden should go dry.  There is still snow in the mountains, 200% of "normal" but it is difficult to figure out what normal means any more.  We have had only two days over eighty degrees.  It is an "unseasonably" cold Spring and early Summer, much like last year.  Pretty much exactly like last year.  A new standard.  The weather is changing and it is strange.
   The garden knows it.  My corn is not yet "knee high" and two tomato plants have the color of Fall already.
Only the broccoli and cauliflower like this weather.  I wish I had planted potatoes.
   Other parts of the country are having strange weather too, a little hotter maybe, unusual dust storms, hail storms like snow.
   I sometimes wonder whether the Earth can't tell us or we can't listen.  Something is happening here.
Maybe like talking to a deaf person the Earth will shout.

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AutumnLeaves said...

Super miserably hot here, Jer. I remember when I lived in WA, I just loved the weather all year round. Never too cold, never too hot (ok, I remember one day where we hit 100 but I had taken the girls to Ocean Shores so missed the brunt of that one), and of course, the occasional ice storm. The daily runs of rain? I loved 'em. Please do send some of that cool my way. Please???

T.D.K. said...

The weather is different here too. The other day during a very hot day, top 90's, it began to hail. Figure that one out. I sometimes wonder if there is more to the story than global warming. I would think the pull on the earth from the planets aligning would effect many things including our climate.

Clipped Wings said...

I think the earth goes through cycles with the weather, 10 years, 100 years, 1000 year, who knows. I just think it is changing its cycles again. No need to shout at us, no need to give us a warning. We're a prisoner in its choices, so it best to just go with the flow and adapt. We're starting to get much colder winters, more tornado creating weather, and it's still raining in July, which is fine with me. It's expensive to water. I'll bitch more about drought than rain. So far my gardens have adapted well, but being more native than otherwise it always seems to adapt with not much problem. I've read though, that since the weather changes are not good for a few of the natives, they will probably become a thing of the past here, and one of them is the native state tree, the Tulip Tree. It's a beautiful large tree, but it's having a hard time adapting to the changes. This has been the history of things since recordings began. Mother Nature rivals with man in creating changes, it's all a part of life, whether great or problematic. Corn had its beginnings as a drought plant, so good luck with that one. You still have such an amazing yard :)

Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, I think the very same thing that ''something is happening here'
but yes, maybe it is just cycles that the earth goes through..
Florida is much colder in winter, we never had temps down into the mid 20's in winter. Unheard of although night or 2 would not be unusual, it's happening far too often..

rama said...

It is raining here too, and it should for it is the monsoon season for most parts of India. It is lovely, the plants are all fully happy and show their happiness by looking absolutely green,with the blooming flowers adding to the beauty. No need to water the plants. Just sit back and enjoy kind of weather.
I love Bangalore where I live for the weather is always pleasant throughout the year, maybe just a little hot during the months of Feb. to May.
Have a nice day Jerry!