Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nothing Sudden...

...Or Suddenly Nothing.  One of the biggest strengths of our Government is the way they do the business
of governing.  We don't  have "coup de ta's", military huntas.  We have checks and balances, people and institutions to assure fair governance all along the way.
   Our system has never been a rule of the majority and there are systems in place to prevent a minority takeover.  Sometimes this is frustrating because it is all designed to move slowly, attempting to assure the rights and privileges of all.  Even when we get a good idea the system moves slowly.
   Now is one of those times.  Maybe we are on a good path and maybe we should be taking baby steps?
The impasse in Congress has already had some unintended consequences.  Business doesn't like it.  The Stock Market doesn't like it.  The Banks don't like it.  It is not good for the Economy.
   The "Goal" sounds good:  get out of debt.  There is a nice ring to that, but how to do it is the question?
Take any example and run through a scenario of it, see it through its consequences.
   Cut back on Medicare?  That would hurt grandpa now, me in the future, later my children and eventually everyone.  It would also put the Hospitals out of business.  For those lucky enough to have private health insurance (me!) the rates would skyrocket!  If hospitals had less income so would the doctors. And so would the pharmaceutical companies, the drug research people, the makers of medical equipment...and the janitor who cleans the hallways!
   You might think the flap of the butterfly's wing may have an effect all over the world, so would this.
   If the government shuts down don't expect your unemployment check.  If you are a Veteran, this is how we will thank you.  There will be no checks for you either.
   The Government has stolen from the Social Security Fund before and now they have discovered a painless way to destroy it.  No more CODA, no more cost of living to adjust for inflation.  This won't hurt too bad in my lifetime, doing the equivalent of cutting it back 10% or so.  It will destroy it for my kids.  That appears to be what they want to do.  If we let this happen we deserve the government we have!
   Borrowing money is not always a bad thing to do.  It is how we purchase our homes and automobiles.
What makes it especially difficult now is the Economy.  If we had good jobs this would not even be on the table for discussion.  Taxes have NEVER run the small business or large corporations out of business.
Lack of customers will do it every time.
   I would like to see the excesses of our Government curtailed or justified.  I would like to see the National Debt paid down.  I know our very worst excess, where most of the money goes, is to the Muslim World.
We take it there with our Military and spend it freely in countries we do not understand.  Countries who hate us.  We give them even more when we buy their oil.  And now to look after our Veterans who have been
hurt, the projected cost of that alone will be over a Trillion Dollars...and counting!
   If Congress was serious about saving money they would look there.
   The National Debt will never be paid off without raising Revenue.  Four Dollars a gallon for gas?  Maybe when it is $5 or $6 you will become irritated?  If you feel like sheep there is a reason.  American corporations and the wealthy have never had it so good.  You were bought for 200 pieces of silver!
The "Bush Tax Cuts" saved the average American Family less than $200 a year while saving corporations and the wealthy Millions of Dollars!  Every dollar "saved" is a dollar borrowed!
   The Bill in front of the House now wants to reduce the tax on money over $300,000 from 35% to 28%!
Yeah, that will help a lot.
   Are these people crazy?
   While they are fiddling Rome is burning.  It can get much worse.


freebird said...

I hope it doesn't get much worse. I agree with all you say here. Interestingly enough, my husband's VA disability check and military retirement were posted into our accounts today - early. That's never happened before so he's wondering if it's real or will they be taking it back!

AutumnLeaves said...

I just wish I could go in there, wipe it all out and start over. Really. Pay everybody off that needs paying and take a hard line look at the wasteful spending. Taxation? Seems the modern day regimes have believed in taking from the poor to give to the rich. Alas, I am a poor.