Saturday, July 9, 2011

Now What do I do?

I have begun and I will start at the very beginning.  Or maybe I should begin with what I am doing now?
I realize in looking back and forth through these Blogs that eventually you will know everything and there will be nothing left to tell.  What I did or didn't do will become of no importance, only what I will do for the rest of the day and might do tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a gift I won't ruin with anticipation nor commitment, not even obligation.  I don't know what I will do tomorrow and I like it that way.
 On a Welder's Table
   For now I have begun.  I will be a painter today and wear that hat.  My canvas is stretched and framed and gessoed.  It is 30" X 60" on a one inch tubular steel frame because that is what I had.
   It sits on my welding table surrounded by steel, saws and grinders. It looks out of place.
   I am going to try out my new paint brushes.  I chose six from the pile of 230 that I found in the garage sale.
This will be fun.  Every other painting that I have done was accomplished with one brush and maybe some piece of junk found on the shop floor to push the paint around or blotch it here and there. Today will be different.  We shall see.
My earlier paintings can be found HERE


AutumnLeaves said...

All your art is big, Jer, whether you do it in steel or on canvas. There is an effusiveness that shines through each and every piece!

Angel-Star said...

cheers to the brushes!!
what a find -
they found you!
and that tells me
you are meant to be
a painter, as well as
a true artist

T.D.K. said...

Angel's right, they found you. Amazing how that happens, suddenly what you want or need is just there when you least expect it. What's amazing is that sometimes we don't even know it's what we need until it's sitting in front of us. Can't wait to see what you do with your new find.

Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, this was a find that found it's way to you,, and you can play to your hearts content.. JUST DO IT ! BJ