Thursday, July 21, 2011

Politics and Artists

Who do you want to run this country?  I have always thought that a poet would make the best astronaut,
giving us the clearest view of the stars and what is above. What we look like down here. Alone.
   The Blog World is predominately feminine, especially the art sections of this world.  More women than men.  Any man's dream!  Women are slowly raising in the ranks of the world.  The glass ceiling is cracked, broken in places and no longer existing in others.  We almost had a woman President and other countries have already done this.  Nothing "bad" happened and we learned that there is another point of view.  Another sense of what is important.
   Bankers and lawyers and corporations seem to run this country now.  They wear political hats and have agendas.  Positions of power.  I would prefer all discussions to be not in the back room, not like Mafia players around a darkened card table.  Naked and at the front of the stage would be a better thing.
   I would like to hear more women talking!  I know there is a softer side to this argument.  And a woman artist?  What could be better than that?  Someone who could make dimensional that which isn't?
   Opinions change, facts have a tendency to do that.  They clear muddy waters and allow us to see.
Instead of drawing lines and standing on one side we need someone with an eraser.  I would like to see an artist in the mix.  Maybe even a mad theater artist might be appropriate!  We could see the insanity of all of this.
   To not have an opinion is to delegate this power to someone else.  We will never find the right answer without every idea, every voice on the table.  It is called a discussion.  Then we try to find a balance, sometimes a delicate place on the scale.

I am not all politics, my art is HERE


Clipped Wings said...

To have a good and profitable discussion one has to approach the table with an open mind, and I don't see that much anymore.

AutumnLeaves said...

Lets see. Maybe I should just run it??? Egads.

stonepost said...

That is IT, Autumnleaves, I would vote for you!

Kay said...

my problem is that I am politically opinionated and mouthy..I try to keep a lid on it and listen instead of trying to hear myself talk. I seem to be full of sighs and gee whiz can't they see what I see these days. No I would be catfighting with Bachman, Palin and anyone else who wanted to throw a punch. Of course I would win the fight..but not the war.