Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory |

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory


Barbra Joan said...

No Comment BJ

stonepost said...

Ha, Barbra, don't believe everything I say! I don't even believe everything I say! Maybe the Truth lies somewhere in between though? Or did a man in a cave really do this to us?

Tiffiny said...

I think the truth does lies somewhere in between. A lot of things didn't add up and still don't. A couple of things to think about, something that everyone seems to have forgotten. Why did the Bush administration try to get congress to pass a draft of 18 to 35 year olds both male and female before 9/11? I remember when this happened, It was peace time there was absolutely no reason for it. I also remember while watching the day of after the first plane hit the first tower, before the second one came in, the news was reporting that the fire department had already been on the seen before the plane hit due to reports of explosions on the bottom floor of the towers. Nothing has been said about that since. But I remember it, allot of people remember these things. There is reason for the conspiracy theories, to many unanswered questions and odd things were going on. I don't think we will ever know the whole truth.

rama said...

I too agree with Tiffiny. There are many things that don't really fall in place. There is a conspiracy, no doubt about that.
And it is not something new, all governments, don't bat an eyelid to plot something so horrible to suit their own secret agenda. They don't care for the people, they only care for themselves.
The situation was so traumatic, that many people don't notice these little things to question the government, so the lies and the devious plans are all drowned in the sea of humanity trying to get in terms with the situation.
Anything the government does after such a tragedy is okay for them: bomb Iraq, wipe out whatever is left in Afganistan, give more and more to a terrorist country like Pakistan, and make people endure more and more unnecesarry security checks and so on not once questioning the logic behind all this.
The media too was lacking in doing some good investigative journalism.
I feel the media has a great responsibility towards getting the facts and presenting it to people with fool proof evidence, and educating the people of what actually is going on.
Well in India this change has come now, otherwise we would have never caught on to amount of money swallowed by each and every department in our country. And more and more are coming out of the closet.
May be we cannot solve all problems in one go,but we are there, and that itself is a blessing for us.