Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Don't Know

Well, that is the truth about it, I don't know anything at all.  Life is difficult and it is not as if there were a gold star to achieve or a bell that rings when you get it right.  It is a moving target.
   What advice would you give a young one today?  I don't know.  Maybe, as Whoopie Goldberg said,
"Life is tough, wear a seat belt"!
   Certainly my happiest moments were ones of innocence and no expectations, moments when the train stopped and I could just get out and walk around with no place to go and no place I had to be.  Moments when time stopped or didn't matter.
   When you think you got it right, everything changes and now the world is in turmoil, our economy is tumbling and security cannot be found in an outside source.  The old math succumbs to the new math and it does not add up.
   There are a lot of reasons the housing market is in the garbage can.  One amongst them is that we do not know where the next pay check is coming from.  Next week could be our turn and we might lose our job.
Renting, its short term commitment and 30 days notice is replacing the stability of home ownership.
   I do not know.  There will be consequences to this, I know that.  The rules will change and it will become a different game.  It might become a time of no obligation, no commitment.  There is always a price.
   It is difficult to give advice other than stay strong and be healthy, get lots of sleep and keep the faith.
   Our President will give a speech on job creation next week.  I know a lot of business people and they would hire tomorrow if they had a customer.  It is really very simple math.  No money equals no buying.
No buying equals no jobs.  So we get another politician who wants to get rid of minimum wage!  That will be great!  We can work for a dollar a day! and another, Rick Perry from Texas who wants to get rid of Medicare and Social Security!  That will be great, dump more Seniors into poverty and reduce the flow of money even further!  Texas has more people working for minimum wage than any other State in the Union!
  I don't know.  How hot does it need to get before we believe in global warming?  How many icebergs need to melt away?  How many hurricanes blowing into New York City?  How many bridges falling because of the worst floods in over a hundred years?
   It is easy to say we will never get it right but that is defeatist and sightless of any goals, an admission that the rules are contradictory.  I think the rules are clear.  We are the caretakers of this planet.

I am always HERE, join me, it's free!


Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, I give up on the state of the planet, too old , too tired,
..I grew up in different times, a beautiful era if you will. Where saluting the flag meant something..I loved America as a child and still do.. I'm a patriot, and what I see today is so disturbing.
What a mess. So much political BS, fraudelant politicians, sorry but I think Gore is the biggest fraud of all ..He's latched onto something that is making him tons of money.. that's what matters right now .
.. These politicians from the moment they get into office are given the best perks, travel first class, eat and drink and stay at the best places. All kinds of good health care. They live the 'good life' alright. and so do their families... If they had to live like most people they wouldn't survive, shall I go on.?. (yes BJ please do). Then there's the 'me generation' of today, it's all about ME, ME, taking over and the times that America was proud is over.. It's not coming back..
Yes, I know I sound like someone that I used to hear when I was growing up .. saying "When I was young " Yup! that's me ! BJ

stonepost said...

Wow, Barbra, you are awake this morning! That is so cool, I wish I could hear your voice! I agree about Al Gore and that he got side-tracked and blinded by money! This does not mean "the message" is wrong, just the messenger!
I don't know, that is the bottom line. There is trickery everywhere and any truth is difficult to come by. I hide on my island!

Tiffiny said...

It's all so discouraging anymore isn't it. Something has gone seriously wrong with our culture and the way we handle things. It's enough to make you want to go dig a whole in the ground to hide your head in and hope it will all be better soon.

AutumnLeaves said...

But what is the answer, Jerry? I find that I have little voice; what I think matters to absolutely no one. Pity, that. Anyway, I just heard on the news this a.m. that the government is thinking of turning their foreclosed homes (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac owned, I believe) into rentals.