Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Don't Know What I am Doing

 No reasoning behind this. I did it because I could.
   A part of the fun I have while painting is that I do not know the rules, have no expectations and just allow things to be.  Might be a nice attitude to be able to take life that way.
   My paintings are never finished and exist in stages only and only on this computer.  Sometimes I may do something I like and then will spend an eternity trying to discover how I did it!
   Clearly the sunrise I saw while in Puget Sound
 There is a reason behind this!
embossed onto my brain.  I don't think I have ever seen such colors!

Then...I started playing with textures!
The sky that morning was red and purple and yellow and orange for as far as the eye could see, reflecting these colors into the water and along the shores.  Even the plants had this color glow.
   The bank is thick in vegetation and maybe 20 feet to the water's edge.  All was cast in this red glow, the green stealing its color from the sky.
   Oil paints are different from acrylics.  They stay and hesitate while I am used to mixing and swirling.  I think they never dry!

More of my "paintings" can be found HERE


Tiffiny said...

Sounds like you have been truly inspired. Sometimes not knowing what you are doing will create even more inspiration. Like the textures.

AutumnLeaves said...

It is all about the enjoyment, Jer. Glad to see you doing that!

Barbra Joan said...

Just have fun with it Jerry, it's something that you have to want to do. Making art is something you miss if your NOT doing it..
It's a feeling that you WANT to do .. not have to do ...
Doesn't matter if it's right, wrong or otherwise..