Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I am an Optimist!

It is true.  I have a tendency to look on the bright side and seek the positive.  I am not even against the
"Tea Baggers"!    Oh, there are elements to them I couldn't support but they know how to get a conversation going!  Like a dog with a bone, they won't let go!  This is not all bad at all.  There are issues we need to talk about.  We need to discover pro's and con's along the way.  I see all of this as an opportunity.
   I would like to see discussions more goal oriented because that is the way I am.  A little more honesty wouldn't hurt either.  I think there were other issues in the recent National Debt debacle, other conversations going on.  Six months of bickering, bringing the World to the brink of economic disaster and they managed to knock off a whopping 1% on the total bill.  My neighbor and I could have done better than that and we seldom agree on anything!
   There will be no sudden changes.  I think politicians don't really want us to know what is going on so they slip it to us slowly!  It is clear however that this 1% is hard on the backs of the poor and puts more pressure on the States.  You will see them tumble next and we will no longer be "United".
   The Gorilla in the room will be our military adventures and the price of  energy.  I certainly have a lot of questions about that!
   I remain an optimist in everything I do.  It is a benefit of 35 years as a Remodelling Contractor, knowing my job was never in tearing things down but rather in fixing them, improving them.  I had to have a Project Goal and a Daily Goal or I would get discouraged and lose my way and always I had to finish on time or I wouldn't make any money.
   The trick will be to keep this conversation going, maybe leave our hats at the front door.
   Always have a goal and work, with baby steps when necessary, in that direction.
 My Garden Entry
   I do that in my art, in my daily living, in my work, wherever I find myself.

More garden pics HERE


Barbra Joan said...

No politics from me .... as you already know where I stand.. if at all...
I just want to park myself at that garden gate and paint away. !!! BJ

freebird said...

Things change no matter what we want. Being positive helps us through the changes. Yes, lots of conversations were going on at once and yes, most of the bad stuff won't happen till later when we might have forgotten who put the bill through. My art and my grandkids keep me on the more positive side. How much a pencil and piece of paper go up anyhow?

AutumnLeaves said...

Oh that beautiful garden, Jerry. I'm with BJ on this one...just could be out there painting (assuming no bugs, no heat, no humidity, no cold...) I don't ask for much! LOL