Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Process of Art

   I am more interested in the process of art than art itself.  What is it about a person that would make him an artist?  What causes a drive toward excellence or the idea that tomorrow you can make something better?
The story of any particular artist is fascinating to me.
   Maybe it is true, we see the world in a different way or we see it as other's and wish to change it.  Perhaps it is just a different reaction to the world we all see?  I "art" therefore I am!  It is in the definition; it is who we are.
 Just a butterfly, colors from the torch.
   I think it is like personalities.  I am pretty convinced we are born with an attitude, our very being encrypted into our DNA.  You have it or you don't but it can be nurtured along the way, tempered and altered with experience and opportunity, small successes along the way.
   We can "learn art" from mentors or maybe a good art teacher along the way, someone to teach us the skills of an artist.
   But that won't make us an artist.  At some point we find a project, some idea we have to develop, some thought we wish to make material, some transference from the soul to the hands, a kind of poetry we wish to hold.  That is the moment when we become an artist.

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AutumnLeaves said...

I just love the burnished colors from the torch. I think I have the soul of an artist, if not the talent.

Cheryl said...

Not just a butterfly Jerry. An amazing artwork. Such talent..