Friday, August 19, 2011

Gone Fishing!

You would think, being self-employed all of my life, that I would have hung (people are hanged, everything else is hung) this sign up many times: GONE FISHING!
   I never worked a full year until I was 28 years old and have never taken a day off since!  Well, almost never, it is a rarity for me.  There is always "the chance" that I will miss something, some job out of nowhere will materialize while I am gone and I might miss it.
   Being self-employed is not all it is cracked up to be.  Never have I had a paid day off!  I can't even imagine it.  Someone would pay me to go fishing?  hahaha!  sure, in my dreams!
   Well, I am retired now and one day mixes into the next, a Tuesday is about the same as a Saturday, sometimes work comes in and sometimes it doesn't.  It is a bad economy and I don't hunt for work like I used to.
   So I am off on my adventure starting early tomorrow morning.  I am packed, have my TOMTOM, turned to a sexy voice for companionship and directions for when I get lost.  A five and one half hour drive, the longest road trip since I was 27 and crossed this whole country in a 1965 VW Van!  Now that would be a blog!
   And this upcoming adventure will be something to Blog about too; I know it will.  I'll keep mental notes and I am taking my camera so I can report all of the highlights to you!  Well, the ones I am willing to talk about anyway!
   And there will be fishing stories!  Big ones!  Giant ones!  and The One That Got Away! Except I have every intention of catching it!
  That's it!  See ya Wednesday.  I have GONE FISHING!


T.D.K. said...

Have a great time!!!

SooZeQue said...

You will certainly have a wonderful time. You've got to get out more. PS... my first car was a 1967 VW Bus, it was so awesome. I love that ride. Guess I was always a Hippie at heart! Pls don't come back with the fish that got away story!!!

Clipped Wings said...


AutumnLeaves said...

Have a grand time, Jer! I've been watching some show or other with some guy who researches fish on satellite. Amazing to see all the different fish out there, and how huge some of them get! No excuse not to prove your "ones that got away" story; you have a camera!

Constance Stanza Extravaganza Extraordinaire said...

So did you catch a coho, chinook, sockeye or a little pink????

Cheryl said...

Keen to learn what type of fish you catch. I am unsure if you are a seasoned fisherman.

freebird said...

Glad you went. Glad you caught fish and glad you got home safe. My daughter lives 6 hours west of my house but it's an easy almost straight shot till I hit the northern Los Angeles area and then I veer away from that to go to her house. I do that drive many a time till it's become rather boring. I can just imagine the excitement you felt at getting to take a trip finally!